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Butler & Stag

Butler & Stag is owned and run by Neil & Michael who grew up together in East London. Both come from similar working class backgrounds, and they met and became friends at Chingford Rugby Club, which to this day they still frequent, instead now it's for a drink and a catch up with old friends, as the playing days are well and truly over.

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Neil & Michael

As it's our business, we are very much on the front line. By that I mean we are in the office Monday to Saturday dealing with everything from valuations to sales progression, viewings and marketing. With a combined 30 years experience working in the City fringe markets, we both cut our cloth whilst working for a large independent agency and were quickly running offices for them. However, with the economic downturn in 2008, the companies plans for expansion were put on hold and our progression stunted. This made us look at things differently, and we decided at that point to start up our own business together. A few years in the making and Butler and Stag was born.

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The Name

We spent several months before we came up with the name Butler and Stag. We chose the name based on the way we want our company to be portrayed. 'Butler' is about service, as an estate agent that's essentially what you're offering, whilst the 'stag' is a strong and protective animal and this denotes how we represent our clients. With us in your corner you will feel a foot taller and supremely confident that we are doing everything to get you the desired result.

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Since our inception, the brand has and will continue to evolve, but our strap line as 'London's traditional Estate Agent' will not! We realise the industry will move with the times but it will always remain a service industry. Therefore, the expectations of the client will and should remain the same.

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What Separates Us?

We could talk about the fancy marketing, professional photographers etc... but most agents do that, so what separates us from everyone else;

  • We pride ourselves on the fact we never ask our members of staff to do anything we wouldn't do. We want to lead by example rather than constant instruction, something learnt from our rugby days.
  • We cherish our independence and the fact that it allows us to make snap decisions, there is no corporate ladder that an idea has to be run up and down, if we like something we can do it!
  • If we promise something, we will deliver. This could be something as simple as a phone call with feedback, as we know how important this is to a client. You're not selling a bag of this is likely to be the biggest transaction in most peoples lifetime, it should be handled as such.
  • As it's our business, it's our head's on the chopping block (figuratively speaking). No one will work as hard as we do for your sale or let.
  • We don't hide behind a corporate name. We are readily available in the office, on the phone or by email.
  • Every member of staff has been personally trained by us to do things our way.
  • Just look at our feedback online, since opening there has not been any negative feedback and we aim to keep it that way.
  • Dont just take our word for it - see what our clients say.

Choosing your estate agent in this highly competitive market is for some, less relevant than it has ever been. With so much choice on offer and with everyone seemingly advertising through the same property portals, and offering the same marketing, you could argue it makes sense to toss a coin or spin the bottle and see where it lands. We don't believe that... as with every industry there are some excellent companies, good companies, average companies and some awful ones. The hard part is trying to differentiate each company in a 30 minute chat during a valuation.

We are the heart and soul of the business. Everyone that works for us has the same principles and ethos as we do, as they are hand picked and trained (by us) with those principles in mind. If you contact us and like what you hear, you can be confident it's not some sales pitch that will ultimately flatter to deceive. What you see is what you get, and we are confident that you will not be disappointed.

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