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For any tenant, the prospect of renting a property in London can be daunting. To help ease any apprehensions that you may harbour, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions;

I have seen a property through Butler & Stag, how do I secure it?

Once you have viewed the property and we have agreed your offer, we will need to take a £500 holding deposit from you. As soon as the fee is received, you will be provided with a receipt and the property will be withdrawn from the market with immediate effect, any outstanding viewings will be cancelled. The property is yours subject to successful referencing and the £500 will be deducted from your move in monies.

How Do You Take Payment?

Our preferred method is bank transfer. In the event that this is not possible cash payments can be made for deposits only.

What Are Butler & Stag's Fees?

Having researched the market, we believe that our fees are competitive and represent value for money for the high level of service we offer. To see a full range of our fees click here.

How Long Can I Rent The Property For?

The term of agreement needs to negotiated as part of your offer. The most common tenancies are 12 month Assured Shorthold Tenancies (AST's). Tenancies for less than 6 months are recognised as short lets.

You are legally obliged to pay rent until the end of the tenancy agreement or any release clause agreed.

Can I Have A Break Clause?

You would need to request a break clause as part of your offer. Landlords are more likely to offer break clauses for winter move ins, anyone moving in over the summer (peak lettings season) can expect less flexibility as landlords are reluctant to take vacant possession back in the winter.

Why Do I Need To Pay A Tenant Deposit?

The deposit is usually the equivalent of six weeks rent and it guarantees the landlord that when you move out, the property will be left in comparable condition to when you moved in.

Our inventory specialists will ensure that any defects upon move in are detailed in the inventory. If you maintain the property to the same standard, you can expect your deposit to be returned in full.

What Else Will I Need To Pay Before Move In And When Should This Be Paid?

Before you are handed keys to the property we require cleared funds on account for; One months rent, tenants deposit and Butler & Stags fees. Our lettings administrators will organise payments with you, before move in.

Who Holds The Deposit?

When Butler & Stag are managing the deposit will be registered with the DPS. If the landlord is managing in some cases we still register the deposit, otherwise it is the responsibility of the landlord.

I Have A Dog/Cat, Will This Pose Any Problems?

This very much depends on the landlords view of pets within their property. Some landlords may decide that they don't want to open their property up to the risk of being damaged. Landlords that do accept pets may request a larger tenant deposit, in most cases an extra 2-3 weeks rent.

When Referencing, What Do Look For?

Butler & Stag are well known for the quality of our tenants. Our success for smooth tenancies is based on our strict referencing policy. You will need to provide at least three years employment and three years residential history as well as being credit checked. If criteria is not met then a UK based guarantor may be required or alternatively a bulk rental payment upfront.

I Am An International Student, With No Uk Based Guarantor. Can I Rent A Property Through You?

Of course. You will need to pay an upfront rental payment. This is usually 6-12 months rent.

What Happens If The Landlord Withdraws The Property Before Move In?

You will receive a full refund less any fees for referencing if they have already be processed.

What Happens If I Withdraw My Interest Before Move In?

Irrespective of the reason, as a company we need to cover our costs. If referencing has been processed, we will need to deduct the charges from your £500 holding fee. It is then up to the landlord to decide whether they want to deduct a further sum for time wasted or money lost in the time that the property is off the market.

Who Covers The Utility Bills?

Unless clearly stated 'Bills included' in marketing material of a property, it is the responsibility of the tenant to pay all utility bills including council tax. When Butler & Stag are managing, bills will be transferred into your name along with any meter readings.

I Am Sharing A Property And Want To Leave Mid Tenancy, Can A Friend Take My Place?

Only if Butler & Stag or the landlord give permission for this to happen. The replacement tenant will need to be professionally referenced before the handover can happen. You will incur a £100 plus VAT charge for change of tenant.

I Am Sharing A Property, Can We Pay Our Rent Individually?

Please remember you are renting a property collectively with friends and not rooms individually. Butler & Stag do not offer a room let service. Rents should always be paid on time, in full and from one account.

I Have A Problem In My Property, Who Do I Call?

If Butler & Stag are managing, please contact us. When the landlord is managing, it will need to be the landlord. This will be explained to you during the move in process so there should be no confusion in any case.

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