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Having registered your details you can now expect a call from one our professional staff to discuss your property requirements in further detail. All of our property consultants are experts in their field, and will waste no time in providing you with any information that you need. We ensure that all of our staff are personable and friendly, they are trained to be helpful but not pushy, pro-active but not annoying and most importantly, they will always offer honest advice.

By only employing graduates and letting them loose 'untrained' with a mobile phone and a map will only result in high staff turnover and a frustrated client base. We take the time needed to nurture each individual, increasing their responsibilities gradually until they are knowledgeable enough to effectively handle the needs of our clients.

It's common knowledge that estate agents don't score highly when it comes to public opinion. If we are going to change your mind, we need to challenge your perception by the experience you receive. Our goal is to offer a professional, efficient and effective service, if we are successful in doing this, then you can not help but be impressed.

Although we like to think of ourselves as traditional estate agents we recognise that marketing a property to its fullest potential requires the latest in technology and social media. Butler & Stag work in unison with all of the leading property portals and social media sites including Rightmove,,, Net-Lettings, Facebook and Twitter.

We understand that a large percentage of our client base are working harder and longer, that's why we tailor our service to suit you. Open six days week and offering late viewings, we can generally work around your schedule.

Butler & Stag the estate agents that will always do the right thing.

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