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Three Reasons West Essex is a Great Place to Live

Three Reasons West Essex is a Great Place to Live

Essex is known for its scenic beauty. From pristine coastal beaches and award-winning vineyards to enchanted heritage and rustic towns, Essex is an amalgam of marvellous contrasts.

If you are planning to relocate to Essex or simply want to visit it for its charm, consider the following reasons why Essex is a great place to live.

  • Impressive Employment Rate
  • Essex boasts an impressive employment rate as it contributes to 74% of the overall UK employment rate. It is home to over 50,000 businesses that offer a staggering 500,000 jobs and contribute £20 billion to UK's economy.

    In addition to the employment rate, residents of Essex enjoy a reasonably good income level compared to other areas. The average weekly income is around £500, with more than 50% of the residents working full-time.

  • Ideal Location
  • Essex is sought after due to its close vicinity to London. It lies 35 miles east of London, and it takes approximately 50 minutes to get there by car. Climate is the most loved aspect of Essex as the weather is usually drier than other areas in the UK and receives less rainfall.

    Also, you can enjoy the lush green forests of Epping and the sandy beaches of Jaywick. If you are interested in purchasing or letting properties in Essex, consider Butler & Stag for all your letting and selling needs.

  • Astonishing Heritage

Essex is home to diverse towns and villages hosting rustic castles and stone-pebbled buildings. The most notable areas in Essex are Abridge, Chigwell, Ongar, and Epping. You can rent or purchase properties in these areas through Butler & Stag estate agency.

Abridge lies in the district of Epping and is situated in the middle of Loughton (West), Stapleford Abbotts (East), and Chigwell (South). Abridge is famous for its Georgian-style houses and restaurants that offer exceptional European cuisine.

Chigwell is situated in Epping Forest and is home to affluent personalities. The buildings are predominantly modern and are properties of popular sports celebrities. With its vibrant hospitality scene, you could enjoy a wide array of lavish dishes available in Turkish, European, Indian, and Chinese cuisines. Chigwell boasts lots for the wildlife fan such as Fox Burrow Farm, Hainault Forest Country Park and Hainault Boating Lake. It's also a great place to relax with Woolston Manor country club and spa inspiring many!

Ongar is a great place to live if you love a traditional landscape. It houses Tudor and Georgian-themed buildings and lovely landscapes. The most prominent place in Ongar is Budworth Hall. Budworth Hall depicts Gothic architecture and hosts the famous Real Ale Festival.

Epping is one of the most beautiful locations in Essex that is primarily famous for its Epping Forest. Many visitors seek Epping for its various tourist attractions and extraordinary heritage. Epping Forest offers serene environment with its lush-green trees that is perfect for daytime stroll.

If you love biking or walking then the Epping Forest is perfect for you. Moreover, Epping Forest is historically known for its wonderful heritage. You can visit Waltham Abbey Museum to learn about King Harold or marvel at Copped Hall where A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare was performed for the first time!


In addition to heritage, location, and landscape, Essex houses friendly communities, state-of-the-art educational institutions, relish cuisines, booming nightlife, and various shopping centres so you can live and thrive well.

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