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Some of the Things To Do In Roman Road

It conjures up an image of stones worn smooth a millennia ago by trundling chariots, but Roman Road was in fact called Drift Street until around a century ago, when a dig uncovered the remains that suggested the old road to Colchester lay nearby taken by Boudicea on her way to burn the Romans in London.. This grabbed the imagination of the era's planners and the road was renamed Roman Road.

It's a main artery to the heart of old Bow and steeped in East End tradition. It has a strong ethnic mix, is within throwing distance of Victoria Park and straddles Regent's Canal. It also affords easy access to the City and West End.

"the Palm Tree provides a Cockney experiencet"

Roman Road is also home to the famous 'Roman Road Market'. The market takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays but its busiest day is by far Saturdays. Super Saturday takes place every weekend throughout the summer and whether you are shopping for the very best in crafts, clothing, books or antiques the market has it all to offer not to mention special events including street performances, jugglers, stilt walkers and face painters all to occupy the younger crowd. In winter, the market is smaller. It's not so much of a fun day out, but still a fantastic place for shopping. The Roman Road Arts & Craft Market is located at Ewart Place every Saturday and the Roman Road Farmers Market takes place on the first Saturday of every month, on Cardigan Road from 8.30am to 5.30pm. Roman Road boasts a large array of restaurants, Café's, Bars with a few traditional East End pubs.

The Chesterfield known for its award winning hot chocolates is located on the Roman Road by Grove Road and if you fancy a sup and sign-song head to the Palm Tree in Millennium Park on the eastbound canal towpath. A relic of a pub, the Palm Tree has no time at all for the modern trappings most east London hostelries. Don't expect the crispest of pints or the most chivalrous service either. But people still traipse to this middle-of-nowhere Mile End venue for something money can't buy - the Palm Tree provides a Cockney experience.

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