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The future of Property Viewings - virtual tours

As we recover from the initial shock and chaos of the last few weeks, we must divert our attention to ways that allow us to continue offering a service and that generate some level of new business under the constraints we now find ourselves working within.

One marketing tool we have been monitoring for a few months is 4d matterport video tours, example attached on the link below.

We have researched the market extensively and these are the best alternative to physical viewings, within a manageable price bracket. We have to assume that physical viewings will not be possible for several weeks and even when they are, we believe people's attitudes to physical viewings will remain impaired for several months after the crisis, possibly forever, so there is no better time to get on board with the next evolution within our industry.

Not every buyer will live in the city or the vicinity of a property. People moving from out of town due to work commitments or other reasons often find that the photos and descriptions of a property don't do it justice.

The beauty of an online virtual tour of a property is that you not only capture the inside of a property but the view from the balcony, porch and windows etc. Buyers want accurate descriptions and photos, but with online property tours, they get the best of everything. No matter whether they are moving from another country or a few streets away, the virtual tour attracts attention.

This will inevitably save time for each homeowner and avoid of those unnecessary viewings when you have spent hours preparing your home.

For more information or to arrange a tour of your property, please contact our offices.

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