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Info regarding the Shoreditch Property Market - Sales

Due to the perceived slow down in the market and lack of excitable press in comparison to the middle of last year, the general consensus from many potential vendors is 'I'll wait until it's a good time to sell, maybe Spring or after the General Election' which has left the market with a distinct lack of property for sale. The property market is not rocket science, it's a simple equation of supply versus demand, so whilst the majority seem to think it's not a great time to sell, coupled with the fact there are plenty of buyers out there, some astute vendors are doing very well and achieving fantastic prices 'now'.

Whilst the market may be different to what it was last year, we certainly haven't seen a dip in prices, just a stabilisation, with good property still achieving remarkable figures. Is the general election really going to make any difference to the housing market, in my opinion 'absolutely not' life will simply go on. If everyone follows the same train of thought and markets later in the year, there will be sudden influx of stock and then you are competing with other houses in your road or flats in your block. The smart money is to market whilst there is relatively little in the way of competition. In the UK we have tendency to follow the crowd, in the property market that isn't always the right way to go!

Unless you have a specific reason not to move until later in the year, now is as good a time as any!

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