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House prices in East London continue to soar...

House prices in East London continue to soar and show no signs of slowing down. On average, properties in East London have risen 6.5% over the last year, breaking all recent records. The sharp increase is the result of a lack of availability for purchasers, who are being forced to make snapshot decisions to ward of competition amongst other buyers.


Notable hot spots include; London Fields E8, Victoria Park E9, Bow Conservation Area E3, Lower Clapton E5.


The rental market offers a similar story, where the cost of renting in East London has also seen a dramatic increase.


As we approach the festival season, traditionally a cooling off period in the market resent sales prove that we are still very much in a sellers market, with asking price offers consistently being achieved. With demand being as high as it is, and an influx of sales and lettings instructions anticipated for the start of the new year, it is advised to get your property onto the market sooner rather than later if you are considering selling or letting.


"We are still very much in a sellers market"
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