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Different Types of Properties & Architectural Styles

A semi-detached house is a residential building that shares one common wall with another similar house, forming a pair. Each house has its own separate entrance and often a small yard or garden. The houses are usually mirror images of each other.

A detached house is a standalone residential building that is not connected to any other building. It has its own independent structure and typically more space around it, including a front and backyard.

A terrace, also known as a row house or townhouse, is a series of connected houses that share side walls. They form a continuous row, often in urban settings. Each house in the terrace usually has its own entrance, but they share common walls with their neighbors.

A mid-terrace house is part of a row of houses that are connected on both sides to neighboring houses. It is situated in the middle of the row, with houses on either side. Mid-terrace houses share side walls with their adjacent neighbors but have their own individual entrances and usually a small front and back garden or yard. They are a common housing type in urban and suburban areas.


Flats, also called apartments, are individual housing units within a larger building or complex. They share common areas such as hallways, staircases, and sometimes amenities like swimming pools or gyms. Flats can vary in size and layout.

A bungalow is a single-story house, often with a sloping roof and a veranda. Bungalows usually have a relatively simple and open floor plan, and they're popular for their convenience and accessibility.

Cottages are typically smaller, cozy, and more rural dwellings. They often have a rustic and traditional appearance, and they are commonly associated with countryside or coastal areas.

A maisonette is a type of residential unit that usually spans multiple floors within a larger building. It's essentially a self-contained apartment with its own separate entrance. Maisonettes can be located within various types of buildings, such as apartment complexes or townhouses. They often have their own outdoor space, such as a garden or balcony, and provide a more house-like experience with their multiple levels.

Maisonettes offer a combination of features from both apartments and houses, providing residents with more space and privacy than a typical apartment while still being part of a larger building or structure.

Moving on to architectural styles:

Edwardian architecture refers to the architectural style prevalent during the reign of King Edward VII of the United Kingdom (1901-1910). Edwardian houses are characterized by their symmetrical designs, red brick exteriors, and large windows. They often feature decorative detailing, such as ornate cornices and intricate woodwork.

Victorian architecture spans the reign of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (1837-1901). It encompasses various styles like Gothic Revival, Italianate, and Queen Anne. Victorian houses are known for their ornate and elaborate detailing, including intricate facades, turrets, bay windows, and steep roofs.

New Build:
"New build" refers to properties that have been recently constructed, often in contemporary architectural styles that reflect current design trends. These houses incorporate modern materials, technologies, and layouts.

Each of these types and architectural styles has its own unique characteristics and appeal, catering to different preferences and lifestyles.

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