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Brick Lane's Sunday Market - make sure your hungry

Brick Lane's Sunday Market

On a Sunday morning the infamous cobbled streets of Brick Lane are at their busiest. Hordes of people from far and wide descend upon the notorious Sunday market to sample all manner of culinary delights. You can rest assured that what ever your taste buds desire will be readily available within a moments notice. The food options are diverse and well priced.

I had the pleasure of frequenting the market only yesterday. As I bustled along the crowded streets my senses were quite literally inundated by the varying aromas from all of the different stalls I passed. The only problem I foresaw was that I wasn't going to be able to sample everything I wanted too, there was simply too much to try!

After much deliberation I decided that I would start my gastronomic escapade with some savoury endeavours. I found myself in the 'Sunday Upmarket' which is located within the Old Truman Brewery. The first stall which took my fancy was the aptly named 'That's A Wrap' which specialises in movie themed wraps. The stall was run by a young couple called Jon and Chloe who had all the sales patter of seasoned professionals. 'The Good, The Bad & The Burritto' was my wrap of choice which consisted of pulled beef, rice, nachos, salad and sour cream all for the nominal fee of £5. I can honestly say that this was the best wrap I've ever had which I subsequently consumed at the speed of light.

Once I devoured the burrito I moved on to my second stall of choice. This belonged to the notorious 'Rib-Man' who is seen by many as serving the best ribs London has to offer. If you are a meat fan then look no further. These ribs are BBQ'd overnight and slathered in a variety of tasty but torturous hot sauces (not for the faint of heart). The ribs are available in either a bap or straight off the rack. In the interest of cleanliness I went for the bap. After I finished my second savoury treat of the day I must admit I was feeling rather full. Nevertheless, I was determined to end my day with something sweet.

" As I bustled along the crowded streets my senses were quite literally inundated by the varying aromas"

I found myself swaying towards the 'Kooky Bakes' stall which is a small batch bakery. Everywhere I looked I was confronted by an assortment of sugary treats from rich decadent brownies to chocolate infused cupcakes. There were also a manner of tasty treats which I was not familiar with. Feeling rather adventurous I decided upon a 'Whoopie Pie' which is an American treat. Essentially it's two sponge domes sandwiched together with a cream filling. If you could imagine an inside out cupcake or even a cake burger, either way it was delicious and rounded off an excellent trip to one of London's quintessential food markets.

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