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Limehouse Area Info

Limehouse Area Info

Probably most famous for Limehouse basin and the maritime history that surrounds it. An integral docking point in the early nineteenth century for large ships transferring goods to smaller vessels that would transport up and down the canals, the community around the basin quickly expanded. Seaman, particularly from China (Opium and tea trade) Lascars and Africans from the Guinea coast settled in Limehouse creating communities based on immigration, like much of East London at the time. Due to significant bombing during the 2nd world war and the closure of the dock in 1961 the area went into heavy decline. Due to the development and expansion of Canary Wharf the area saw a significant revival in the late 20th century with the basin being redeveloped and now home to large yachts and small barges. Narrow Street is the main residential street running through Limehouse and consists of luxury river facing apartments, excellent local pubs and restaurants, including the Narrow, a restaurant/bar run by Gordon Ramsay overlooking the Thames.

Things To Do In Limehouse

The Troxy on Commercial Road is a fabulous 1930s grade two listed art deco building that holds glamorous events. For something a bit more old east end, the George Tavern also on Commercial Road is a family run pub that has re-created a proper old east end boozer. For something a bit more upmarket there is The Narrow, on Narrow Street which is owned and run by Gordon Ramsay.

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History of Limehouse

The name 'Limehouse' is often wrongly thought to be derived from the nickname for British sailors, or 'limeys'. In fact, the name relates to the local lime kilns that served shipping in the London Docks back in the 14th century. A former marshland, the area of Limehouse became a significant port in late medieval times and soon the shipbuilding, rope-making and merchant industries thrived. In 1820 the Limehouse Basin opened as the Regent's Canal Dock, connecting the Thames and the canal system. Limehouse was the site of the first London case of cholera in 1832, while both Charles Dickens and Thomas Burke describe the area's notorious opium dens. The term 'Limehousing' means to make an incendiary political speech, and followed an attack on the House of Lords made by Chancellor David Lloyd George in 1909. Contemporary residents include the actor Sir Ian McKellen and the journalist Matthew Parris, while celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey owns the popular gastropub, The Narrow.

The Narrow gastropub
The Narrow gastropub

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