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Butler & Stag Offer Landlords Upfront Rent

Butler & Stag Offer Landlords Upfront Rent

Butler & Stag are delighted to have partnered with ARO and can now offer landlords up to 12 month's rent paid in advance.

What is the Advanced Rent Option (ARO)?

ARO is our normal quality full Management service with the additional benefit of including a years rent upfront. ARO is available for new and existing tenancies provided the property is compliant and the tenants pass a professional referencing check.

The ARO is changing the way investors and landlords are looking at their investments and is a huge game changer for anyone with a buy-to-let property. ARO offers Landlords the ultimate in terms of peace of mind, convenience and financial freedom. How it works As a member of the ARO network, we use their proprietary Primary Tenancy™ business model to pay you a year's rent in advance, less our standard fees and charges. The rent is then collected monthly from the tenants in the property. Practically speaking and in other respects the ARO is similar to our conventional Full Management Service. Assuming there is not already a tenant in residence, we will find you a quality tenant. Prior to move in we will ensure that the property is fully compliant and the tenant is professionally referenced and during the tenancy we will carry out all our normal duties as your managing agent.

In the case of a new tenancy we will transfer your funds less our agreed fees once the tenant has moved in and paid their first months rent. If you already have a tenant we will transfer your funds once we have completed our checks, established a new 12 month tenancy and received the first months rent.

Landlord Rent Guarantee The ARO, like any conventional full Management service, is available with or without a rent guarantee. If you choose not to have the rent guarantee and the residing tenant does not pay the full 12 months rent then you would be liable to repay the balance, or, we can collect it back from a new tenant at our discretion.

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