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When viewing a new rental property, it is important to check several things.

General Condition

Does the room or communal areas require any cosmetic improvements? If yes, then ensure that you are specific and list each issue that requires attention when making your offer. This should include walls/rooms that require painting, carpets that need replacing, loose door handles that need tightening.


Is the furniture of a suitable standard? Does it require cleaning/fixing? Does each item carry the relevant fire safety label?


Check the gas, water and electricity meters for payment methods. Turn on the water to check the pressure, is it strong enough?


What type of heating does the property have and is it sufficient enough to heat your room? Gas central heating is most cost effective but uncommon in modern properties, which retain heat more efficiently. If it's gas, an annual inspection should be carried out (by law) by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Ask to see the certificate!


Are the doors and windows secure, and do they open and close properly? Are there smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide alarms and do they work.


If there is a garden or communal areas, ask who is responsible for the upkeep.

NB. Make sure that your offer and its terms are accepted in writing by Butler & Stag before proceeding.

What Happens Next

Butler & Stag will prepare the Tenancy. You will be contacted by one of our Lettings Administrators who will assist you through to move in.

References; Butler & Stag use a professional referencing company to carry out full references for each tenant that will be living in the property. You should expect to receive an email from our referencing company, containing a link for you to follow and complete relevant information about yourself. Credit checks, previous rental history and employment status' will all be checked.

Tenancy Agreement (TA); Butler & Stag will produce the tenancy agreement which is a legal binding contract between you as the Tenant(s) and the Landlord(s). It will detail the responsibilities and rights of both the Tenant(s) and Landlord(s) or their representative. Please ensure you read through the TA, thoroughly ensuring that you are happy with all of its content.

Payment; Before your move in can take place, we require cleared funds in our bank account for all associated costs for your rental. This will include the agreed amount of rent paid in advance (usually one, six or twelve months), a damage deposit (usually the equivalent of four weeks rent) and any fees being charged by Butler & Stag.

Move In; We can meet you at the property or in the office to hand-over the keys and wish you well in your new home. We will arrange standing order payments for your rental payments and inform you of who is responsible for day to day management.

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